I have used much of my time in life learning new skills. You could say I’m a skills collector. I’ve learned many skills: cooking, career, acroyoga, yoga, skating, and juggling to name a few. And now… chess.

I got into Chess after the popular Netflex series: Queen’s Gambit. A few friends started to challenge me and so it began.

When learning anything new and complex you need the right recipe for success. When I started playing, I took random online courses, watched YouTube videos, and played hundreds of games. …

Leadership always wants more out of developers but developers are not sales people. When a sales person lands a deal, this has a dollar amount associated with it and therefore a commission. The incentive is clear: more sales or larger sales equals more money. There’s a clear incentive. When a sales person hears, “work more” or “contribute more” they also hear a clear incentive: more reward. Developers have no such incentive. This article is a suggestion for creating incentives for developers which align with your business.

The Problem

How do you quantify the value a developer brings? When we make one change…

TLDR — Move marketing dollars away from tech into better marketing campaigns by leveraging technical platforms.

I want to criticize the business model of small to mid sized marketing agencies from a technical and strategic point-of-view. My motivation is simple, my partner works in marketing. I’ve seen my partner go through so much unnecessary pain. The margins of agency life are small and the end product is usually subpar. I’ve seen how money is wasted and mismanaged on these projects. This results in unhappy clients getting subpar branding efforts. Nobody wins.

About me

I think you should know a little about me…

The hacker asks, “What makes this work?” The engineer asks, “How should this work?” That’s difference between a hacker and an engineer. The hacker is primarily concerned with results. The engineer is primarily concerned with design. There are benefits and drawbacks to each perspective.



  • Gets work done quickly
  • Finds interesting system behaviors
  • Major features can be added without rewrites or slowed velocity
  • Less understanding is needed to make significant contributions


  • Code spaghetti
  • Increased technical debt
  • Team members can have a difficult time understanding why things were done the way they were
  • Code impurity and the frustration that results

Get your life together and know you do.


Nearly five years ago I was a newly divorced person from an eight and a half year marriage. I was single and desperate to replace what I had: someone who was always there for me. For a few months, I went out every weekend clubbing to drink, dance, and meet women. Looking back, it was an awful environment to meet eligible ladies, the setting was all wrong but that’s not important, what’s important is my ambition or goal was misguided.

What I needed was not another romantic relationship with someone, I needed…

What is an outcome? Saving a million dollars. Selling your company. Completing your DIY. Getting married and having a baby. Getting your braces off. Buying a house. Completing a work project. An outcome is a thing that is finished, it’s the destination, the place at the end of a road.

What is progress? Save $20 dollars. File for a LLC. Browse DIY projects. Signing up for a dating app. Googling orthodontists. Calling a realtor. Opening your code editor. It’s the steps you take along the way, it’s the journey, not the destination.

There’s a hidden difference: outcomes often change. Saving…

Recently, I was on leave to recover from oral surgery. Between drooling and sleeping, I started making a video game. In this post, I’m going to be talking about my creative process. I want to address the thoughts that demotivate us. The ideas that lead us to give up prematurely.

Teleport Prototype (using artwork found for free in Unity)

This is us when making a game. What should my game be about? Making games is stupid and hard, it’s stupid hard. Making games is silly. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m probably doing it all wrong. Should I use Unity or Unreal Engine? Or should I roll my…

Every virtue has a shadow side. The side where a great thing takes a turn for pain. Think about this: every good thing we want can also harm us. It rings true for me that my whole life is a balancing act. Not enough humility and people will despise me but too much humility and people will ignore me and walk all over me. This is true for confidence, self-care, indulgence, empathy, generosity, kindness, and love.

We are all multidimensional creatures. We are operating with many lines of reasoning simultaneously. We only talk about them one by one so that…

When I was a kid, with my first programming experiences, I wanted more than anything to be a Hacker. The feeling of being amazing and smart appealed to me, it made me feel invincible. There is nothing wrong with feeling amazing about yourself. At the time, I wasn’t successful and most people didn’t have high hopes for my future.

Admittedly, saying you’re a Hacker isn’t great PR. But I don’t actually mean Hacker in the malicious sense it’s sometimes used in. I mean Hacker as in, computer extraordinaire. Reframing the word in this way is useful and fun. It allows…

Leadership Pyrimid — Taken from Jim Collins’ work on Leadership

Occasionally I meet a person in their 20s (or 30s) who are frustrated with their career progression. They are smart, talented, and driven yet they feel held back. The feel they have more to offer yet they continue to lack authority, position, and title.

This has certainly been the case for me. All through my twenties, I thought I was further ahead than I was. I was a better programmer than I really was. I felt held back by my leaders. Why weren’t they seeing my potential? Why weren’t they promoting me to lead others? What is the missing ingredient?

Buddy Williams

Part time mad computer scientist, full time lover of the extraordinary.

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